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About All About Secrets (秘果):
High school is tough enough without having to deal with personal drama.

Duan Bai Wen (Chen Zhe Yuan) is a well loved student who also is a basketball star. Despite having everything going for him, he is dealing with family problems compounded by the constant bickering between his father and his much-younger stepmother.

Yu Chi Zi (Landy Li) and her friend Si Jia Li (Yu Zhi Hui) both try to support Bai Wen through his personal turmoils. Jia Li is jealous of Chi Zi’s close relationship with Bai Wen but can’t seem to endear herself to him despite all her efforts.

As a new young teacher gets Bai Wen’s attention, can he and his friends survive their many secrets to make it to college?

“All About Secrets” is a 2017 Chinese drama series.

All About Secrets (秘果) Cast:
Lu Jian Yu – Main Cast
Landy Li – Main Cast
Chen Zhe Yuan – Main Cast
Yu Zhi Hui – Supporting Cast
Ariel Liang – Supporting Cast

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