Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe (무당당) – Episode 3 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

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About Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe (무당당):
A kindergarten teacher’s life takes a completely unexpected turn.

Na Rae (Ryu Hwayoung) is a kindergarten teacher who suddenly develops the ability of a shaman fortuneteller while praying at a church one day. She gives up her life as a teacher and finds fame and wealth as a fortuneteller. But as time passes, her skills start to fade. When Na Rae discovers a mysterious app called “T-Scope,” can she use it to regain her fortunetelling fame?

“Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe” is a 2017 Viki Original web drama series that is the third season of the “Traces of the Hand” series. The three-season series, all starring Ryu Hwayoung in completely different lead roles, follows the first season, titled “Traces of the Hand,” and the second season, titled “Girl’s War.”

Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe (무당당) Cast:
Ryu Hwayoung – Main Cast

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