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‘From The Beginning Until Now’ I performed this 겨울연가 ‘Winter Sonata’ theme tune sung by Ryu written by Yiruma because This Drama Really Touched Me Emotionally & my mum likes this Korean drama and Bae Yong Joon 배용준 the male actor BYJ. He’s Really handsome Hehe :P. So for you mum. Please sit back and delight in. Recorded on mobile camera phone. Apologies for the sound quality.

Winter Sonata (a.k.a. Winter Ballad/Winter Like Tale, Korean: 겨울연가) was the second part of the KBS TV drama series Endless Like. This installment was produced in March 2002 in South Korea. It was broadcast on Japan’s NHK and has been a major part of the (so called) Korean wave both there and throughout Asia. Known as 冬のソナタ in Japanese, Sonata de Invierno in Spanish, and 冬日戀歌 in Chinese.
The female in this drama series is ‘Choi Ji Woo’ she is a very excellent actress as she can produce some of the best emotion scenes I have seen to date with her none stop crying.

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The original version of this Korean drama song came from ‘Secret Garden’ and it’s artists were apparently Norweigen. This original version has been used in a Chinese drama ‘Fated Like’ or ‘天长地久’ staring Steve Ma Ching Tao 马景涛 and Amy Chan Sau Man, a like drama that is highly recommended as you can check it out on YouTube if you know Cantonese that is.

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I play a few Yiruma songs too: ‘River Flows In You’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Kiss The Rain’.

Please delight in!

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