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  • The Magic of Making Sound | That’s Amazing

    The Magic of Making Sound | That’s Amazing



    In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe, even sounds. When you watch a film that immerses you completely in its world, you’re probably hearing the work of sound artists. If the work is done right, you won’t be able to tell that the “natural” sounds on screen are manufactured with studio props. That’s the challenge for Warner Bros. Foley artists Alyson Moore, Chris Moriana and mixer Mary Jo Lang. Theirs is a practice in recreation, one creative element at a time.

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    This tale is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished.

    Fantastic Huge Tale is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out incredible. Humans are capable of incredible things & we’re here to tell their tales. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.

  • Be My Love (A K-drama Parody) [Short Film]

    Be My Love (A K-drama Parody) [Short Film]


    korean drama

    ►MAKING OF VIDEO (Behind the Scenes and Bloopers) | http://youtu.be/Ip9Ikb5e-eY

    Every like tale is always the same… It all starts when a guy and girl unexpectedly meet, most likely due to the guy ‘saving’ the girl from tripping over — of course she lands perfectly in his arms and they stare at each other eyes wide whilst sparks light up. It’s like at first sight. They spend many days together, but no like is perfect — there comes the terrible news that the guy is, unfortunately, diagnosed with an incurable disease. Following that, we all know what happens right?


    Roughly 15 hours shooting and sound recording, over 40 hours editing later…. I am super super pleased with the final product! I am really thankful to all my cast and crew who spared their time and contributed to this work, I couldn’t have done this without you guys!

    Shoutout to my actor and actress, Subaru and Yue Gong, you guys were completely incredible and did such a fantastic job! saranghaeyeo~~ You guys make such a cute on-screen couple! oh and Subaru, I sincerely hope that you will not have any serious injuries resulting from taking a basketball to your head in the couple of times we had to retake ! 😉 Also thanks to Tracy, my production assistant, who also played minor roles within the film; to Tat and Shirley for allowing me to borrow your voices – gamsahabnida~~~; to Hei Kwok, who also played a minor role and lended his support; to Enny Pitar, our korean expert, who helped me translate the script 😉 and Vincie Lee, lecturer and tutor, for your guidance.

    Thank you guys for watching!!

  • Joy News Interative (19-9-18)

    Joy News Interative (19-9-18)



    Street views on matters arising in Ghana

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water – Official Trailer #1 | In Theaters February 6

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water – Official Trailer #1 | In Theaters February 6



    SpongeBob and his pals are leaving Bikini Bottom and are headed to the human world in a groundbreaking new 3D movie! The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is coming to a theater near you in 2015, but you can watch an exclusive sneak peek today!

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  • Top 3 Upcoming Thai CH3 Dramas In Early 2019

    Top 3 Upcoming Thai CH3 Dramas In Early 2019


    thailand drama

    Top 3 Upcoming Thai CH3 Dramas In Early 2019

  • មហិទ្ធិឫទ្ធិថ្មទិព្វភាគទី 6 Chinese Drama Speak Khmer EP 6

    មហិទ្ធិឫទ្ធិថ្មទិព្វភាគទី 6 Chinese Drama Speak Khmer EP 6


    china drama

  • Top 6 Awkward Sex Scenes in Games 18+

    Top 6 Awkward Sex Scenes in Games 18+


    18+ sex

    Eligible Monster – Lore – Comedy – News
    This is from my personal experiences, so let us know down below what YOUR most awkward scenes in games were.
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  • Japanese Drama Full Movie HD, Romantic Japanese Movie HD, Best Japnese Full Movie 2018

    Japanese Drama Full Movie HD, Romantic Japanese Movie HD, Best Japnese Full Movie 2018

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    japan drama

    សួស្ដី ប្រិយមិត្តទាំងអស់គ្នា! សូមរីករាយទស្សនាវីដេអូថ្មី សម្រាប់ថ្ងៃនេះទាំងអស់គ្នា កុំភ្លេចជួយចុច Subscribe ទាំងអស់គ្នាផងណា ទុកទស្សនាវីដេអូថ្មីៗទៀត ។ សូមអរគុណ!

    សូមអធ្យាស្រ័យផង៖ បើលោកអ្នកបានឃើញវីដេអូដែលជាកម្មសិទ្ធរបស់លោកអ្នកក្នុងឆាណែលយើងខ្ញុំនោះ សូមមេត្តាអភ័យទោសដល់យើងខ្ញុំផង ហើយមេត្តាជួយ Comment ប្រាប់យើងខ្ញុំក្នុងវីដេអូនោះផង ឬ ក៏ផ្ញើ Email ( moyuravideo2018@gmail.com )​ មកកាន់យើងខ្ញុំតែម្ដង ដើម្បីអោយយើងខ្ញុំបានលុបវីដេអូរបស់លោកអ្នកចោលភ្លាមៗផង ។ សូមអរគុណចំពោះការយោគយល់របស់លោកអ្នក!

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  • BELIEVER (2018) Official Trailer | Korean Crime Thriller

    BELIEVER (2018) Official Trailer | Korean Crime Thriller


    korean drama

    A low-level drug dealer conspires with a dangerously ambitious cop to bring down a major cartel’s psychotic kingpin in this electric crime thriller.

  • UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.20.18) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

    UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.20.18) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED



    Topics ► Jimmy Butler & LeBron (00:14) ► ‘Space Jam 2’ Buzz (11:23) ► Dak Prescott (25:21) ► Aaron Rodgers (38:16) ► Pats On Upset Alert? (46:14).

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the largest sports topics of the day.

    UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (9.20.18) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Freud, home movies

    Freud, home movies