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  • Lomachenko interview.  June 18, 2018. English subtitles.

    Lomachenko interview. June 18, 2018. English subtitles.



    Lomachenko interview. June 18, 2018.

  • Sex, Life, and More // Judah and Chelsea Smith

    Sex, Life, and More // Judah and Chelsea Smith


    18+ sex

    Judah and Chelsea discuss topics such as sex, parenting, forgiveness, dating and more.

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    We are a Community Built on the Life and Teachings of Jesus. A community where anyone and everyone belongs. Why? Because our role is to simply start a conversation and point people to Jesus. He can take it from there.


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  • Text if sex

    Text if sex


    18+ sex

  • Tunisia v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 14

    Tunisia v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 14



    Find out where to watch live: fifa.tv/watch2018

    More match highlights:

    More from Russia 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0ia-PWE7WoysqLao-0y7jEz

    More World Cup tales: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0j5nOjvXOP55xyW3aJCyeGo

    Follow all the action from Russia across the FIFA Platforms:
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    👉 http://www.fifa.com

  • Screenrant LIVE  – Important Details In Marvel Movies You Totally Missed

    Screenrant LIVE – Important Details In Marvel Movies You Totally Missed



    Join us on Screenrant’s first ever LIVE, as we walk you through all these small details that could be foreshadowing huge events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is famously absolutely rammed with Easter eggs and references. Some of them are included merely for the fun of it, while others have undoubtedly led to larger things in the franchise. For example, Stephen Weird was very briefly name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now Doctor Weird is a prominent member of the MCU’s cast of characters, while there was a mention of a hero who could climb up walls in Ant-Man, and now we have Spider-Man. There have, but, been dozens – if not hundreds – more of them, and many of them have yet to be referred to again. This video will look into ten such examples that could become relevant in the future of the franchise. The MCU Easter eggs and references that could certainly lead to larger things include; Odin’s trophy room had several items that could become relevant, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. could lead to the introduction of some awesome characters, the Grandmaster’s tower showed the faces of certain characters who could be introduced soon, the Staff of the Living Tribunal could mean one of Marvel’s most powerful cosmic beings is coming to the franchise, the Collector’s museum housed a number of species and items that could be vital, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s map of vital locations could be explored further, the word “Jocasta” in Age of Ultron could lead to a new robotic Avenger in the future, Erik Selvig’s chalkboard had a number of Marvel concepts that could be explored, the transformation Kaecilius and his zealots made when Dormammu sucked them into his dimension could lead to Mindless Ones, and Peter Quill saying “Eternity” could mean more than you reckon! We hope you delight in the video. Please leave a comment and remember to subscribe to Screen Rant to keep up to date with all of our fantastic videos!


    1. 10 Small Details In Marvel Movies That Could Change Everything
    2. Black Panther: 10 Vital Things You Missed
    3. Doctor Weird: 10 Vital Details You Really Missed
    4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: 10 Vital Details You Really Missed
    5. Infinity War: 10 Vital Details You Really Missed
    6. Thor: Ragnarok: 10 Vital Details You Really Missed

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  • Hulu Free Radio Fiji 2 – Hulu Free Korean Drama

    Hulu Free Radio Fiji 2 – Hulu Free Korean Drama


    korean drama





    Se inscrevam no Canal e Ajude o Canal Crescer, Notícias todos os dias do Nosso Grandioso Palmeiras.

  • Top 20 Shocking World Cup Football Moments Of All Time

    Top 20 Shocking World Cup Football Moments Of All Time


    japan drama

    The world cup occurs every four years for football fans around the globe. Every tournament has its honest share of drama. Here are the most shocking world cup moments.
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    Be Amazed at these SHOCKING World Cup Moments! Beginner’s luck for Senegal – When France and Senegal met in the opening game of the 2002 World Cup, France were the reigning champions and Senegal had never really made it to a World Cup tournament before. Sheiken, not stirred – Home turf humiliation for Brazil – The hand of… Suarez – in 2010, Ghana was the last African team standing, and the entire continent was behind them. Ronaldo MIA – The 1998 World Cup final was set to make headlines with host nation France taking on reigning champions Brazil. – If cards had been used at the time, my bet is that the 1962 match between Chile and Italy would have topped the 20-card record. Rijkaard spits his dummy out – Death match for Colombia – Football is taken seriously all around the globe, but seemingly nowhere more so than Colombia. Rotten tomatoes for Italy – Italy weren’t exactly favourites to win the 1966 tournament, but when they came up against North Korea in the group stages they certainly fancied their chances.

    A double digit win for Hungary – In yet another upset from the infamous 1982 tournament, El Salvador suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Hungary. Beckham’s red card – Football’s golden boy suffered a serious fall from grace in 1998 when he became the second ever English player to receive a red card. The birth of goal line technology – In yet another England upset, 2010 saw Frank Lampard score a goal against Germany which was disallowed in a shocking refereeing error. Three strikes and you’re out – From one questionable refereeing choice straight to another, Graham Poll’s 2006 blunder will haunt him forever. Salenko’s barely-worn golden boot – A Golden Boot winner scoring six goals might not sound so shocking, but incredibly this accolade went to Russia’s Oleg Salenko despite the team being knocked out in the group stages. The Flying Dutchman – Every football fan remembers that goal from Robin van Persie in the 2014 tournament. The fantastic pretender – The World Cup has long been plagued by dramatic dives and fake falls, but Brazil’s Rivaldo wins the Oscar for best theatrical performance. Zidane is a nutter – It was the 2006 final between Italy and France, the defending champions. Hand of God – The most shocking World Cup moment comes from the England-Argentina match of 1986.

  • Life – Korean Drama – Teaser 3 Ye Jin-woo Version

    Life – Korean Drama – Teaser 3 Ye Jin-woo Version


    korean drama

    Life – Korean Drama – Teaser 3 Ye Jin-woo Version, more information : https://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Life.php


    16 episodes – Fri, Sat 23:00


    A drama depicting the power struggles in a hospital.


    Lee Dong-wook (https://www.hancinema.net/korean_Lee_Dong-wook.php)
    Cho Seung-woo (https://www.hancinema.net/korean_Cho_Seung-woo.php)
    Won Jin-ah (https://www.hancinema.net/korean_Won_Jin-ah.php)
    Moon So-ri (https://www.hancinema.net/korean_Moon_So-ri.php)

  • Bigg Boss Marathi | Day 65 | टाचणी टोचा यान्ना | 18 June

    Bigg Boss Marathi | Day 65 | टाचणी टोचा यान्ना | 18 June



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  • Bagunça na Praia – Filme completo dublado ((+18))

    Bagunça na Praia – Filme completo dublado ((+18))




    Seis jovens (três homens e três mulheres) bonitos e sexys ganham um grande concurso da internet que os leva, com todas as despesas pagas, para uma grande viagem na belíssima cidade litorânea de Malibu, na Califórnia. No entanto, eles acreditavam que a recompensa era individual; a descoberta de que o prêmio é, na verdade, compartilhado causará um grande alvoroço.

    Título original: American Beach House
    Ano : 2015

  • 2018 Student Commencement Speaker: Gabrielle Scott ’18

    2018 Student Commencement Speaker: Gabrielle Scott ’18



    Gabrielle Scott ’18 gave the student Commencement address at the 2018 Kettering University Commencement Ceremony on June 16, 2018.